tap tap tap... from the inside

"Tap Tap Tap... From The Inside" is an exhibition of my recent paintings and drawings. It includes several "touch drawings,"a big oil painting, assorted drawings, and mixed media work.

art of practice

For awhile Lauren Leone and I have been talking about putting together an exhibition of artwork by our fellow art therapists. We teamed up with the New England Art Therapy Association to organize the "The Art of Practice" an exhibition of artwork by 20 artists who are also art therapists. The idea behind the title is that practice can have multiple meanings for an art therapist including one's art practice, one's practice as an art therapist and also the word practice at its simplest level. The exhibition caught the attention of the Metro (hence the newspaper clipping posted above) and the Boston Globe. Read the Globe's 'Healing Visions' review online. The exhibition is on view at WSAC 9/3-9/26/09, Saturdays 12-4 and by appointment.

giant robot review

This is a review of Windy Corner in the Book Collector column of Giant Robot issue 59 (spring 2009).

boy without god

This is my artwork for the album "Your Body is Your Soul" by Boy Without God. You can go to http://www.boywithoutgod.com/ to listen and download the music for free. The CD version is available for purchase for $10 on Cdbaby for those of you who'd like to be able to hold this creative collaboration in your every own hands.

women in print

Two of my recent hand-colored etchings are in WOMEN in PRINT, An Exhibition of Boston-area Women Printmakers at Bunker Hill Community College. The exhibit runs from March 9th to April 17th. Come experience the artwork with the sounds of live harp music at the reception on March 12th from 6-8pm.

burning bush

I am showing 12 hand colored etchings.This new artwork is closely related to my professional development as an art therapist, yet it maintains a personal quality that comes from self-reflection in the artmaking process. Vivi, who is also a Mixit printer, will be showing etchings and oil paintings that are based on sensitive observation and a spectacular imagination. 


This is the postcard for Earnest, a collaborative exhibition that I put together at the Lily Pad performance space in Cambridge, MA. The exhibition featured artwork by Dave Kiersh, Diana Pyatov, Lauren Leone, and myself. We share a practice of exploring ideas and creating visual narratives through making art. Postcard art is by Dave Kiersh.
Boy without God, who has been best described as "a one man army of light", played his most earnest songs at the reception, which was on the evening of July 17th.
Earnest was on exhibit from July 5th to August 5th. Please take a look at photographs of the exhibition on Flickr.

windy corner 2 contribution

Entangled Relationships is my contribution to Windy Corner Magazine #2. Windy Corner is a collection of comics that was nominated for an Ignatz award in the category of best new comics anthology in 2008. It presents the continuing chapters of two graphic novels by Austin English; art by Mollie Goldstrom; an illustrated table of contents by Elisabeth Timpone; short comics by myself and Dylan Williams; and an in-depth interview with John Hankiewicz by Onsmith. Windy Corner Magazine #2 is available for purchase online at Sparkplug comic books. 

gallery 321 in somerville ma

"Change" is the theme of this group show that I'm currently in at Gallery 321, Washington St. Art Center in Somerville MA. I had an opportunity to exhibit the original artwork for my 5-page comic that is in Windy Corner Magazine 2. http://www.washingtonst.org/

tides of march at giant robot

I was invited to exhibit four etchings at Giant Robot Gallery in New York City for the Tides of March group show that happened in March 2008. The walls were covered with the artwork of 17 amazing artists in one of my favorite galleries. It was a thrill for me to be a part of this show. I also got a chance to catch up with old friends and family in New York on the night of the reception. Please take a look at Flickr to see pics from the reception.

the sherman cafe, union sq. somerville, ma

I had a joint reception with Dave Kiersh, who has an art show at the same time, in the same neighborhood. Twice as many people showed up to our reception. Half way through the night we did a gallery hop down the street to SCAT (Somerville Community Access Television) where Dave has his show.  It was a good time all around. Later in the week, Dave and I made our debut tv appearance for an interview on SCAT. I was nervous, but it turned out ok (i think.)  Both shows will be up through February 2008. Please take a look at photographs of the Sherman cafe exhibition that I posted on Flickr.

"don't go back to sleep" by rumi

I felt there was a message for me in this poem when I first read it but I only had a vague sense of what that was. As I began to draw a picture for each line of the poem, its meaning unraveled and it became clear to me what I had to do. The direction was being laid out before me in words and images. I went back and carefully redrew each image to create this comic that I'm hoping to make into an accordion book in the near future.

birdhouse mini-comic

Birdhouse is a small handmade book that I drew and assembled in May '06. It tells the story of a mother and child who transform their physical shapes in order to grow with their changing relationship. It's a playful and metaphorical story that is told through drawings and dialogue. I have exhibited it at the Mocca festival. It is currently sold in Giant Robot stores. Or you can contact me and I'll mail you a book.

pretend mini-comic

Pretend is a mini-comic that I made a few years ago. It continues to be a favorite among my friends. Austin English wrote a very flattering review of it for the Comics Journal. The review also includes a sample page from the interior of the book, which consists of 24 pages of carcoal drawings. Like my other book, Pretend is also sold at Giant Robot stores.